When You Can't Cut It As A Commercial Pilot: Career Alternatives

You love to fly. You went out of your way to learn how to pilot a plane. Then reality hit when commercial airlines told you that you did not pass their tests to become a commercial pilot. Now what? When you cannot be what you wanted to be, do not give up just yet. There are plenty of career alternatives for you when you are told that you cannot cut it as a commercial pilot.

You Can Still Fly--Just Not a Jumbo Jet

So you could not fly an enormous jet for an airline. The fact remains that you can still fly, and you still have a pilot's license. That said, you can return to any one of the other flight training programs offered by aviation schools in the area. You can become a different sort of pilot that does not have quite as many restrictions and expectations attached to it. You can even become your own boss and take passengers in a small bi-plane for air tours. At least you can still fly, enjoy flying, and earn a living from it.

You Can Work in Flight Towers

You can work as an air traffic control employee. Yes, you are not flying, but you are giving flight instruction to the guys and gals that are flying the passenger planes. You make sure that they land and take off safely, and you may even guide one or two through an emergency landing. In your spare time, you can fly your personal plane for fun.

You Can Fix Planes

You probably already fix your own plane, so why not become part of the team that fixes airline planes? Every airline has a hangar where planes are taken apart, the pieces are very closely inspected, and then the planes are put back together. You can become familiar with all the planes in one airport this way. You know the planes by heart, which makes perfect sense for you to take over in case a flight is boarded by terrorists and the cockpit crew is fatally wounded or badly injured.

You Can Work as a Flight Attendant

Sure, you are not the one driving the plane on auto-pilot. The next best thing is soaring in the air all week long as a flight attendant. Flight attendants are constantly going places. There is even upward mobility in this career, something to consider along with the free flight benefits.