3 Common Myths & Misconceptions About Plagiarism

According to a study conducted by Psychological Record, 36 percent of undergraduates polled admitted to plagiarizing. Plagiarism is a major problem in the academic world, and chances you, you've probably plagiarized another individual's work without even knowing it. You may assume that in order to plagiarize a source, you had to copy it word-for-word, but this simply isn't true. Here are a few other misconceptions and myths about plagiarism: Myth #1 There Is No Such Thing as Self-Plagiarism [Read More]

5 Tips For Writing A Great Medical Assistant Resume When You Have No Healthcare Experience

Demand is growing across the healthcare industry for skilled and trained workers in all positions, including the support position of medical assistant. If you feel compelled to help but are better suited to scheduling appointments than assisting in surgery, this might be the right healthcare career for you. Send out a winning resume when you're freshly graduated from a medical assistant education program by using these five tips for job seekers without relevant job experience. [Read More]