Three Myths About Attending College

Your education will be one of the most important factors in determining the possibilities that are available to you. Unfortunately, there are many pieces of misinformation that can mislead individuals as they attempt to make decisions regarding their education. Myth: It Is Impossible To Balance The Time Needed For School And Work There are many individuals that may not have had the opportunity to go to college when they were younger. [Read More]

3 Benefits Of Enrolling In An Online Military College

If you're in the military, you have so many great opportunities as far as education goes. One alternative option you might consider is online military college. It's becoming a more popular option as the years go by, and it can provide you with the following benefits.  Better Learning Environment When you attend a traditional brick and mortar military college, there are a bunch of other students in your classes. This makes it somewhat difficult to get individual attention and feedback in each class. [Read More]

When You Can't Cut It As A Commercial Pilot: Career Alternatives

You love to fly. You went out of your way to learn how to pilot a plane. Then reality hit when commercial airlines told you that you did not pass their tests to become a commercial pilot. Now what? When you cannot be what you wanted to be, do not give up just yet. There are plenty of career alternatives for you when you are told that you cannot cut it as a commercial pilot. [Read More]

3 Common Myths & Misconceptions About Plagiarism

According to a study conducted by Psychological Record, 36 percent of undergraduates polled admitted to plagiarizing. Plagiarism is a major problem in the academic world, and chances you, you've probably plagiarized another individual's work without even knowing it. You may assume that in order to plagiarize a source, you had to copy it word-for-word, but this simply isn't true. Here are a few other misconceptions and myths about plagiarism: Myth #1 There Is No Such Thing as Self-Plagiarism [Read More]